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We produce a range of publications by collecting and analysing risk data through a range of tools, knowledge products, and mobilising like-minded partners.

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This IBC is part of the Regional Collaborative Platform for LAC (RCP LAC), which was established to guide the restructuring of the UN development system at the regional level.
This review makes the case that gender is such a fundamental part of the social organization in all societies, that gender inequality is a key driver of disaster risk, requiring much greater attention and more focused action and resources.
This report summarizes the learning and recommendations of an extensive review by States and stakeholders pursuing the expected outcome and goal of the Framework and thus risk-informed sustainable development.
The UNDRR internal Environmental Policy outlines the guiding principles, scope, and areas of work for improving the environmental sustainability of the organization’s operations and programmes.
The present report contains a summary of progress made and challenges experienced in realizing the expected outcome of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 and recommendations for the further implementation of the Framework.
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The guideline provides information on how to use the Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitments (SFVC) online platform.
This report builds on the first Status Report on Target E Implementation issued prior to the 2020 Target E deadline.
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With the deadline for achieving Target E of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 just around the corner at the end of 2020, UNDRR presents this report as an overview of the status of countries’ progress towards this target.
This briefing note aims to promote and explore ways that digital public goods can support disaster risk reduction.
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This issue paper zooms in on public finance for climate change adaptation and DRR and provides an overview of the latest international and country trends in tagging budgets and tracking public expenditures on climate and disaster resilience.

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Our communications and advocacy campaigns call for taking action today to protect people and prevent disasters from happening.
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Further UNDRR knowledge offerings

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Definitions on disaster risk reduction to promote a common understanding on the subject for use by the public, authorities and practitioners.
Words into Action
Guidelines, based on global expertise, communities of practice, and networks of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) practitioners. The guidelines provide practical, specific advice on implementing a people-centered approach to DRR.
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The global knowledge sharing platform for disaster risk reduction and resilience.