Cover image of Spotlighting the Innovative Experiences of Cities in Action for COVID-19 Responses (UNOSSC-UNDRR, 2022)
Spotlighting the Innovative Experiences of Cities in Action for COVID-19 Responses (UNOSSC-UNDRR, 2022) is a knowledge product on the experiences of provinces, cities, districts, and communities of the Global South responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Status of Science and Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction
An online survey was conducted by the Asia-Pacific Scientific and Technology Advisory Group (AP-STAG) in February 2022 to assess the implementation of the S&T Roadmap in the Asia-Pacific region and it was disseminated widely in various countries.
This study presents an important opportunity to explore the challenges and potential associated with better understanding and managing of compound, cascading and systemic risks in the Asia Pacific region.
This 2021 Annual Report outlines UNDRR’s work in reducing disaster risk and strengthening resilience globally.
Cover inclusive MHEWS
This report aims to support governments and partners in developing inclusive and accessible MHEWS by drawing on lessons from the success of a number of women-led and disability-inclusive MHEWS established in the Pacific Region
Heatwaves report cover
With a focus on Asia-Pacific, this report explores the drivers of increased risk and socioeconomic impact of extreme heat and identifies risk management policies for reducing vulnerability and the human impact of extreme heat events.
This publication highlights they key developments approaches and values of the early UN pioneers in disaster risk reduction.
The draft Summary of the Principles for Resilient Infrastructure has been prepared for the Global Consultation on the Principles for Resilient Infrastructure being held on 28 & 29 March 2022.
This report appeals to relevant stakeholders to take actions that not only support SMEs, but promote overall resilience and mutual benefit.
This report aims to support the delivery of risk-informed investment by those who make investment decisions, primarily in the financial services sector. The report documents the progress that has been made and the barriers that need to be overcome.