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We produce a range of publications by collecting and analysing risk data through a range of tools, knowledge products, and mobilising like-minded partners.

This document comprises recommendations based on research and consultations with DRR and anticipatory action stakeholders in Malawi, UR Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia and the SADC regional authority.
UNDRR ROAS Newsletter half year Jul-Dec 2022_EN
Issue 10 of the UNDRR Regional Office for Arab States Newsletter is out covering the period of July – December 2022 under the titles: • UNDRR ROAS at COP27 • Regional Collaborations • News and Events • Publications • Media Center • Social Media Campaigns
The UNDRR Regional Office for Arab States has released its Q1 Newsletter for 2023, which includes a feature story on the efforts of Palestinian cities to reduce risk and increase resilience. Additionally, the newsletter covers a variety of updates.
Literature Review: The Midterm Review of the Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030
The aim of this literature engagement is to assess the trajectory of the thinking embodied in the Sendai Framework in the six years following its publication (2015 - 2021).
Wildfires in Latin America
In the framework of this Coalition, and in response to the increasing intensity of wildfires in the region, a taskforce has been formed to analyse and articulate a coherent approach to the issue of wildfires, providing tools and resources.
This study supports the implementation of the Country Work Programme for Saint Lucia, as well as the design and revisions of other critical national instruments including the National Adaptation Plan.
The seventh session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction took place from 25 to 27 May 2022 in Bali, Indonesia. This is the Co-Chairs' Summary of the Bali Agenda for Resilience.
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This contributing paper presents an extension of the INFORM Risk Index, a global indicator-based disaster risk assessment tool, using projections of exposure to climate change hazards to provide better insights for policymakers.
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This contributing paper proposes a new typology of an adaptation strategy – conversion strategy – as a countermeasure to manage risks in interconnected supply chains in the private sector during the pandemic.
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This contributing paper examines the need to create new governing systems at the local level that allow actors and institutions to simultaneously manage the interplays of single and multi-hazards and other residual risks.

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Definitions on disaster risk reduction to promote a common understanding on the subject for use by the public, authorities and practitioners.
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Guidelines, based on global expertise, communities of practice, and networks of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) practitioners. The guidelines provide practical, specific advice on implementing a people-centered approach to DRR.
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