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We produce a range of publications by collecting and analysing risk data through a range of tools, knowledge products, and mobilising like-minded partners.

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This contributing paper systemically explores creative practices across a variety of disciplines, such as visual art, design, cinema, and theatre, that imagine future states and can aid in disaster prevention and risk reduction.
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The study investigates the reported impact and challenges faced by youth-led disaster risk reduction (DRR) activities through identifying themes in answers across activities to provide local and global recommendations for future youth-led activities.
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This contributing paper examines how different constituent systems (sibling systems) of a larger system react and propagate reverberations affecting the overall system using a novel visualisation tool – Sibling System State Diagram (SSSD). 
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This contributing paper paper offers an analysis of the global COVID-19 experience and stepwise implementing consequences which will require a long-term effort involving scientists, decision-makers, and many more.
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This contributing paper looks into the use of disaster science in policy making for urban systems, where major risks need to be managed by bringing together emergency management, organisational resilience and climate change adaptation.
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This study delves into multilateral and systemic disruption of critical infrastructure (CI) networks to assess the systemic resilience of CI “network-of-networks”.
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This contributing paper analyses systemic risk and compound vulnerabilities, by highlighting a case study to help decision-makers formulate effective strategies to address the nature of systemic risks in their societies.
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This study discusses insights, lessons, opportunities and challenges in the development and implementation of stakeholder focused, transdisciplinary research approaches in the context of managing and communicating climate-related risks more effectively. 
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This contributing paper examines how the technical expertise of the engineering discipline as an input for risk knowledge may evolve into a 'critical' technical expertise.
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This contributing paper aims to examine the need to effectively implement implement the interplay between technical decision-makers and the scientific community to achieve effective disaster risk reduction (DRR).

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Further UNDRR knowledge offerings

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Definitions on disaster risk reduction to promote a common understanding on the subject for use by the public, authorities and practitioners.
Words into Action
Guidelines, based on global expertise, communities of practice, and networks of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) practitioners. The guidelines provide practical, specific advice on implementing a people-centered approach to DRR.
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The global knowledge sharing platform for disaster risk reduction and resilience.