UNDRR Funding
Throughout 2022, donor partners continued to recognize the important role of UNDRR in preventing new, and reducing existing, disaster risk as well as managing residual risk.


UNDRR identified financial requirements of USD 110 million for the Work Programme 2022-2023. Donors recognized the growing need for disaster risk reduction by increasing their investments in UNDRR. In 2022, UNDRR received USD 60 million in financial contributions. The biennial Work Programme 2022-23 had a funding requirement of USD 110 million and USD 50.52 million were available for use in 2022.  

In-kind contributions were another important source of support to UNDRR this year with eight Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) provided by Finland, Italy, Japan, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United States (2) and Sweden.

Throughout the year, UNDRR facilitated peer-to-peer exchange and knowledge sharing through regular consultations and dialogue with UN Member States at the UNDRR Support Group in Geneva, the Group of Friends in New York, as well as two donor meetings and three thematic briefings to donors held virtually in 2022.

Flexible or unearmarked funding

The flexible nature of unearmarked core funding is vitally important to UNDRR. It enables the office to focus on strategic result areas, to afford smooth and effective operational delivery, to adjust to changing circumstances and allow for forward planning, as 99.9 per cent of total funding is through extra-budgetary resources. Unearmarked donors continued to support UNDRR, providing USD 18.1 million in 2022, which represents 30% of funding received.

Multi-year agreements further support strategic planning through predictable funding. UNDRR continued to advocate for such agreements and signed seven new multi-year contributions with Norway, Germany, Australia, Finland, Climate Risk and Early Warning Systems and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) in 2022.


The top ten donors to UNDRR — Sweden, Italy, United States of America, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, CREWS, Australia, Norway and Switzerland — each contributed more than USD 2.5 million in 2022. UNDRR was particularly pleased to welcome three new donors to UNDRR in 2022, Indonesia, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure.  

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Sweden *8,254,030
United States of America6,949,455
Japan *5,367,954
Australia * 3,632,771
Norway *2,978,268
Switzerland *2,614,344
Republic of Korea *2,470,633
European Commission2,332,600
Finland *1,583,469
China *267,369
Luxembourg *251,004
Czech Republic *197,574
UPS Foundation75,000
France *20,933
Philippines *20,000
SM Prime11,300
* Donors that provide total or partial core-funding

Donors by the numbers


provided full or partial unearmarked core support


new multi-year contributions signed in 2022


Junior Professional Officers provided


new donors welcomed to UNDRR


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