Throughout 2021, donor partners continued to recognize the important role of UNDRR in preventing new, and reducing existing, disaster risk as well as managing residual risk.

UNDRR identified financial requirements of USD 96.2 million for the Work Programme 2020-2021. Efforts to raise sustainable and predictable financial resources to deliver the UNDRR Work Programme resulted in USD 43.8 million in contributions received in 2021. The overall amount raised during the 2020-21 biennium amounted to USD 91.6 million.

In-kind contributions were another important source of support to the work of UNDRR in the delivery of its Work Programme in 2021. Notably the Governments of Jamaica, the Kingdom of Morocco, Kenya and Portugal made significant in-kind contributions by hosting Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Throughout the year, UNDRR facilitated peer-to- peer exchange and knowledge sharing through regular consultations and dialogue with UN Member States at the UNDRR Support Group in Geneva, the Group of Friends in New York, as well as two donor meetings and four thematic briefings to donors held virtually in 2021.


Flexible or unearmarked funding

The flexible nature of unearmarked core funding is vitally important to UNDRR. It enables the office to focus on strategic result areas, to afford smooth and effective operational delivery, to adjust to changing circumstances and allow for forward planning, as 99.9 per cent of total funding is through extra-budgetary resources. Unearmarked donors continued to support UNDRR, providing USD 19.3 million in 2021, which represents 44 per cent of funding received.

To increase predictability of funding in 2021,  UNDRR continued to advocate with strategic partners for multi-year contributions. Luxembourg and Sweden renewed commitments through new cooperation agreements for the period 2022-2025. As a result, USD 33.5 million was pledged for 2022 onwards by year end.



The top ten donors to UNDRR — Sweden, Japan, Germany, the United States of America, Norway, the European Commission, the Republic of Korea, Italy, Australia and Switzerland — each contributed more than USD 1 million in 2021. A special note of appreciation was expressed to the Government of Israel and SM Prime Holdings for contributing to UNDRR for the first time.



UNDRR donors 2021

Expenditure by Strategic Objectives and Enablers


UNDRR delivers its mandate through three Strategic Objectives (SOs) and two Enablers (E):

  • SO1 - Strengthen global monitoring, analysis and coordination of Sendai Framework implementation
  • SO2 - Support to regional and national Sendai Framework implementation
  • SO3 - Catalyse action through countries and partners for Sendai Framework implementation
  • E1  - Enhancing visibility of disaster risk reduction through global advocacy
  • E2  - Strengthened organizational performance


  2021 income           2021 expenditure - work programmes       


2021 expenditure - regions