UNDRR Americas and Caribbean COVID-19 Webinars

Source(s): United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction – Regional Office for the Americas and the Caribbean
Webinar Series



12 August 2020. Webinar:  Youth engagement in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change

12 August 2020. Webinar:  Strengthening Early Action Early Warning Systems

4 August 2020. Webinar:  Business Disaster Management Plan Self-Assessment Tool​​​​​​​

10 July 2020. Webinar:  Build Back Better: A Green and Sustainable Economic Recovery

18 June 2020. Webinar: Exchange of private sector good practices in preparedness and prevention in the light of COVID-19

12 June 2020. Webinar: Webinar The cities of the Americas and the Caribbean facing COVID-19: Safe cities

5 June 2020. Webinar: The cities of the Americas and the Caribbean facing COVID-19: Resilient Cities 

4 June 2020. Webinar: Disaster Risk Management and Institutional Response to the COVID-19 Crisis 

3 June 2020. Webinar Series: Climate Change and Resilience in times of COVID-19 2. How to articulate Integrated Responses to the Health, Economic and Climate Crisis in LAC 

29 May 2020. Webinar: Resilient Cities Series: Sustainable Cities in the Americas and the Caribbean. COVID-19: Challenges and oppportunities 

28 May 2020. Webinar: COVID-19, Systemic Risk and Education Sector Resilience in the Caribbean Region 

27 May 2020. Webinar:  Business Continuity in the face of COVID-19, 10 Tips to make your business more resilient

25 May 2020. Webinar Series: Climate Change and Resilience in times of COVID-19. Multiple Hazards and Systemic Risk: Addressing Climate-Related Disasters in Times of COVID19 

19 May 2020. Webinar:  Preparing for the Hurricane Season in Light of the Impact of COVID-19 on our Caribbean Economy 

​​​​​​​15 May 2020. Webinar:  Resilient and Inclusive Cities 

13 May 2020. Webinar: Community management in times of pandemic: Challenges and opportunities for civil society organizations 

6 May 2020. Webinar: Is your company ready to face the COVID 19 Crisis? 

6 May 2020. Webinar: Analysis of the impact of COVID19, cross-border risks and complex scenarios in the SICA countries 

6 May 2020. Webinar: Hurricane season in COVID-19 scenario, a systemic risk approach from UNDRR 

5 May 2020. Webinar: Business Continuity to COVID19 through Business Resilience (Spanish) 

23 April 2020. Webinar: People with Disabilities in the light of COVID-19  

22 April 2020. Webinar: Humanitarian needs and challenges of the migrant population in the response to Covid-19  

15 April 2020. Webinar: The care and protection of pets from COVID-19 and in family, community and local risk management and emergency plans. Organised jointly with World Animal Protection 

26 March 2020. Webinar: Communicate and inform in times of global risk - Webinar 




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