Brazil poised to take on the leadership of the G20 Working Group for Disaster Risk Reduction

Source(s): United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction – Regional Office for the Americas and the Caribbean Brazil - government
Brazil poised to take on the leadership of the G20 Working Group for Disaster Risk Reduction

Brazil is gearing up to take center stage as the next president of the G20, starting on 1 December. In a context of complex global challenges, Brazil has announced its commitment to prioritizing during its presidency, the fight against inequality and poverty, key drivers of disaster risk. This vision is driven by the profound understanding that addressing these pressing issues is a prerequisite for sustainable development.  

During recent meetings between high-level Brazilian officials and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), Mami Mizutori, Special Representative of the United Nation Secretary General for DRR and Head of UNDRR commended Brazil for placing a strong emphasis on addressing inequality in all its forms. As the lead knowledge partner of the G20 Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), she assured UNDRR’s  steadfast support for Brazil's leadership.  

“By prioritizing social inclusion, fighting hunger and poverty, and promoting sustainable development, G20 Brazil recognizes that putting nature, people, lives, and livelihoods at the heart of climate action is essential. This aligns seamlessly with DRR efforts that aim to protect the most vulnerable and build resilient communities”, said Mizutori.

Ambassador Maria Laura da Rocha, Secretary General of Foreign Affairs, explained that they firmly recognize that prevention plays a paramount role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. By channeling resources toward prevention, Brazil is taking proactive strides to safeguard the safety and well-being of their communities and regions. 

Recognizing the interlinkages between financing, climate change, disaster risk, and inequality, discussions during these meetings underscored the importance of coordinated approaches.  

According with Rui Costa, Minister of Brazil’s Civil House, local governments are increasingly challenged by disasters, exacerbated by climate change, underscoring the immediate imperative for robust Early Warning Systems (EWS) and the development of resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction plans at the city level. That is why, he added, they need to train communities and city representatives, as pivotal steps in constructing a safer and better-prepared nation. 

Ambassador Mauricio Lyrio, Brazilian Sherpa to Brazil’s G20 presidency, stated that they will focus on inequality reduction across borders, fighting hunger, addressing climate change, reforming governance, and combating social, gender, and climate inequality. “We see a path forward where G20 can be a powerful tool for a more democratic and inclusive system, representing the most vulnerable among us”, he said.

Brazil poised to take on the leadership of the G20 Working Group for Disaster Risk Reduction

The Minister of Integration and Regional Development, Waldez Góes, reaffirmed the country's commitment to DRR, climate adaptability and resilience, while reiterating the intention to implement a national plan aligned with the Sendai Framework, which will be valuable components of the DRR agenda in the forthcoming future.

The outgoing G20 President, India, laid a solid foundation for DRR within the G20 framework. The establishment of a dedicated DRR working group elevated the topic to a new level within the G20 architecture and the five priority areas for action chart a clear path forward towards increasing financing for prevention, advancing the resilience of infrastructures, enhancing nature-based solutions, ensuring a wider coverage of multi-hazard early warning systems, and disaster recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Brazil's ambitious vision for G20 leadership, fully aligned with disaster risk reduction, has the potential to reshape the world's perception of the nation. As the world eagerly awaits Brazil's hosting of the G20 summit, there is a unique opportunity for Brazil to set the global agenda on disaster risk reduction. “We are proud to stand by Brazil in its journey toward global leadership”, added Mizutori. 

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