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We are meeting at a critical juncture for the Sustainable Development Goals and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Both of these landmark frameworks are approaching the midpoint of their implementation at a time of significant setbacks.
An all-of-society approach to reducing risk and building resilience is one of the Sendai Framework’s guiding principles. It calls for “inclusive, accessible and non-discriminatory participation”, and pays attention to those disproportionately affected.
This Conference is an excellent opportunity to take stock and promote the scaling up Target G of the Sendai Framework, which calls on us to substantially increase the availability of and access to Multi-hazard Early Warning Systems.
UNDRR dedicates significant attention to water-related risks and challenges. The Sendai Framework systemically addresses disaster risk and promotes national and local DRR strategies that account for multi-hazard risks, including those related to water.
The value of local governments has been evident in the response to recent global challenges and stressors. They are often the first responders to disasters and have been on the front lines in helping communities manage the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
SRSG Mizutori
Statement by SRSG Mizutori, ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development Side Event on De-Risking Investments for People, Planet, and Prosperity
The current approach to development assistance is not responsive to the increasing levels of risk within economic, social, and environmental systems. We must support the most vulnerable countries to attract finance for climate action and resilience.
SRSG Mami Mizutori
With the world approaching a system-wide crisis point, the SG’s recommendations on strategic foresight to address major catastrophic risks are extremely timely. These recommendations were given further credence by the recent IPCC report.
The UN Joint Study on the Status of Gender Equality and women’s empowerment leadership in disaster risk reduction found that inadequate attention has been given to the mutually reinforcing nature of gender inequality and disaster risk.
Public speakers
We are grateful to the World Meteorological Organization for collaboration toward the important goal of mitigating risk from climate and change and extreme weather.