The Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitments online platform (VC platform)


The Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitments online platform (VC platform) captures partner contributions towards Sendai Framework implementation, and fulfils the mandate given by the United Nations General Assembly.

Whilst states have the primary responsibility to prevent and reduce disaster risk, an all-society approach is critical for reducing risk of and building resilience to disasters. We need to hear the voices of all relevant actors and recognize their expertise and contributions.



The VC platform


  • Allows stakeholders to inform the public about their work on DRR. Look at an example here.
  • Collates information about who is doing what and where to foster potential collaboration among stakeholders.  
  • Allows all stakeholders (private sector, civil society organizations, academia, media, local governments, etc.) working on DRR to submit and report on their progress and deliverables.

Voluntary Commitments Page

Launched at the 2019 Global Platform, the first VC report outlines how voluntary commitments contribute to Sendai Framework implementation.

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