Partnerships & Stakeholders: Parliamentarians

Through their legislative, oversight and budgetary role, Parliamentarians are vital contributors for implementing global commitments. The Sendai Framework explicitly calls for Parliamentarian action by developing new or amending legislation, setting budget allocations and holding governments accountable for their actions to reduce disaster risk and protect their populations. As the representatives of the people, parliamentarians have the responsibility to voice and mobilize the participation of all sectors of society in resilience building. UNDRR engagement with Parliaments and Parliamentarians brings our work closer to people from all segments of society through the bridge-building role played by parliamentarians between government, civil society and constituents.

UNDRR works closely with the International Parliamentary Union (IPU) and other global and regional parliamentarian networks and relevant partners such as the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) with focus on three key areas:

  1. Development of disaster risk reduction laws and legal frameworks at the regional and national levels
  2. Advocacy for the integration of disaster risk reduction into national and local budgets and enhanced oversight and accountability
  3. Capacity development and training for Parliamentarians.

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