Collaboration for a safer future: Insights from the Ninth Arab DRR Partnership Meeting

Source(s): United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Arab States
Group photo at the 9th Arab Partnership Meeting
9th arab partnership meeting

The meeting brought together representatives from 19 Arab countries, along with DRR stakeholders and regional UN agencies, to discuss progress and challenges in implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in the region.

During the meeting, Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif, the Governor of Alexandria, welcomed the participants to this significant gathering. He highlighted the pressing issue of climate risks that plague Alexandria and Egypt and emphasized the importance of disaster risk reduction in the region. He highlighted that partnerships and sharing expertise are vital given the regional nature of risks. As a coastal area, Alexandria faces threats like floods and climate impacts. He stressed the need for preparedness and regional cooperation to address these challenges.

Major General Mohamed Higazi of Egypt expressed Egypt's commitment to supporting DRR efforts through regional cooperation. He stated that disaster risk reduction is essential to achieving sustainable development and emphasized the importance of working together to build a safer and more resilient future for the region.

Fadi Jannan, Deputy Chief of UNDRR's Regional Office for Arab States, highlighted the urgent need to strengthen disaster risk reduction strategies. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and working together to build a safer and more resilient future for the region and protect communities from harm.

Meeting highlights and sessions

The Ninth Arab DRR Partnership Meeting spanned three days and provided a platform for discussions on progress made on the Sendai Framework and regional action plans. The sessions focused on operationalizing outcomes from major DRR conferences and expanding early warning systems.

On the first day, there was a regional overview of progress implementing the Arab Prioritized Action Plan 2021-2024. Participants engaged in consultations to prepare for the Sixth Arab Regional Platform for DRR in 2024 and develop the Arab Prioritized Action Plan for 2025-2028.

The second day featured a session on the Early Warning for All initiative, with presentations covering the four pillars: disaster risk knowledge, hazard monitoring, warning communication, and preparedness/response. Case studies from Somalia and the UAE were presented to showcase country experiences. Progress on Sendai Framework Target G indicators was also discussed.

The third day focused on group work sessions to discuss the four Sendai Framework priorities: understanding risks, strengthening governance, investing in resilience, and enhancing preparedness. These sessions aimed to advance the implementation of the Sendai Framework through regional collaboration on priority issues.

During the ongoing discussions at the Ninth Arab Partnership Meeting, various groups are actively engaged in important consultations. One of these groups is focused on the Regional Consultation, which aims to operationalize the Arab-Africa Call for Action of Tunis on Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction. Another group is dedicated to Local-level Consultation, with a specific focus on operationalizing the Dubai Call for Action. The primary objective of this consultation was to explore ways to scale up urban resilience in the face of a changing climate. By addressing the unique challenges faced by urban areas, this group aimed to develop strategies and actions to enhance urban resilience and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

These discussions and consultations are of utmost importance in fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and developing practical solutions to mitigate risks and build resilience in the Arab region. The outcomes of these meetings will contribute to the collective efforts in creating a safer and more resilient future for all.

The Ninth Arab DRR Partnership Meeting in Alexandria, Egypt, provided a platform for representatives from Arab countries, DRR stakeholders, and regional UN agencies to discuss progress and challenges in implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The meeting emphasized the importance of collaboration and regional cooperation in building a safer and more resilient future for the Arab region. The sessions focused on various aspects of disaster risk reduction, including early warning systems and the development of regional action plans.

The 9th Arab Partnership Meeting provided recommendations and outcomes that will be incorporated into the Arab Prioritized Action Plan for disaster risk reduction 2025-2028. This plan will be endorsed at the 6th Arab Regional Platform in October 2024, which will be held in Kuwait.

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