Boosting regional Sendai monitoring

Source(s): UNDRR Bonn Office
A speaker at the Bonn workshop for regional Inter-Governmental Organizations
A speaker at the Bonn workshop for regional Inter-Governmental Organizations

Bonn, 12 October 2018 – A number of partners have expressed the need for a common platform for reporting regional progress through the online Sendai Framework monitoring system.

The call came at a recent meeting, organized by UNISDR with the support from the Government of Germany, to bring together the major regional Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGOs) working on disaster risk reduction from across the world and select Member States to share their national perspectives.

The Sendai Framework – the global roadmap for reducing disaster-related losses – highlights the need for action and cooperation on disaster risk reduction at the regional level through agreed regional and sub-regional mechanisms and regional Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGOs) have a core leadership role as a custodian of policy and guiding light of practice. 

In line with this, IGOs have established monitoring mechanisms for measuring their progress on Sendai Framework implementation or are in the process of doing so.

Anais Rouveyrol, Advisor for Disaster Risk Management and Community Resilience, Pacific Community (SPC), said: “Understanding all the functionalities of the Sendai Framework Monitoring System and what we can do and how we can use it at its best is very useful to learn. After the meeting, we will plan to help the countries meet some of the important deadlines.”

As a next step, UNISDR pledged to ensure that the Sendai Framework Monitoring system is available to the Regional IGOs to define and upload region specific custom indicators for monitoring the implementation of the regional DRR plans and strategies.

Regional IGOs will coordinate with their respective Member States regarding the process for the regional level DRR monitoring, based on the specific context and requirements of their respective regions and also further support their Member States on meeting their obligations of national level Sendai Framework monitoring.

Ricardo Mena, Chief of the Supporting and Monitoring Sendai Framework Implementation Branch of UNISDR said: “We have been consulting with the IGOs on what their specific needs are in terms of having regional reports on Sendai Framework implementation and working with their constituents (Member States) to better understand the Sendai Framework Monitoring process, their needs and also what their expectations are.

“Based on these outcomes, we will be able to adjust and tailor-make the Sendai Framework Monitoring for Regional Reporting in such a way that it helps both IGOs and their Member States to comply with the requirements of Sendai Framework Monitoring over the period until 2030,” said Mr. Mena.

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