Press Releases

ARISE Co-chair, Mami Mizutori, ARISE vice-chair Martha Herrera González and ARISE co-chair Dale Sands
GENEVA, 30 January 2020 – Destruction of buildings is behind much of the death, injury and economic loss incurred in disaster events, according to a new initiative launched today to motivate the owners and operators of industrial and commercial buildings
Climate change is contributing to increasing damage to critical infrastructure around the globe, according to a twelve-year survey of damages caused by small- and medium-scale disasters
The promotion of resilient infrastructure is at the heart of this year's International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on October 13.
Hurricane Dorian as a category five storm viewed from space - NASA image
Hurricane Dorian crystallizes the existential threat posed to small island developing states by the ongoing climate emergency, says UNDRR chief, Mami Mizutori
Mami Mizutori, head of UNDRR and Lieutenant General Doni Monardo at the official signing of the Joint Declaration
Following the deaths or disappearances of over 4,600 people last year in 2,426 recorded disaster events, Indonesia is stepping up efforts to improve disaster risk management.
(From left) head of UNDRR, Mami Mitzutori with Sasakawa Award winners  Dr. PK Mishra, Additional Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India, Sidnei Furtado, Director, Dept of Civil Defence, Campinas, Brazil, and Bijal Brahmbhatt, Director, the Mahila Housing SEWA Trust, India
The Department of Civil Defence of Campinas, Brazil, the Mahila Housing Sewa Trust, India, and Mr. Pramod Kumar Mishra, Additional Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India, are the three laureates of the 2019 United Nations Sasakawa Award for Disaster Risk Reduction.
The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and KLP, Norway's largest pension company, announced today a partnership to geo-tag financial investments against vulnerability to disaster and climate risk.
Brisbane is expecting over 2,000 delegates to attend the 2020 Asia-Pacific Minsiterial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
Brisbane, host of the next Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, is also home to the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.
Mami Mizutori at launch of ARISE India with Deputy Secretary-General of the Federation of India Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Nirankar Saxena
ARISE India, a private sector alliance for DRR, was launched today on the 4th anniversary of the adoption of the Sendai Framework
An aerial view of the devastation in Beira, taken by an IFRC emergency assessment team
Cyclone Idai is the worst extreme weather event so far this year, leaving many dead and over one million people affected. It underlines once more the need for infrastructure which is disaster resilient.