The Sendai Framework calls for parliamentarian action through developing new or amending legislation, setting budget allocations and holding governments accountable for their actions to reduce disaster risks and protect their populations. As representatives of the people, parliaments can play a major role to voice and strengthen the participation of all sectors of society in resilience building.

Building on its engagement with parliamentarians through the UNDRR Parliamentarian Network established under the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-10, as well as achievements such as the disaster risk reduction and management bill adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the East African Community (2016) and the decision by the European Parliament to integrate disaster risk in legislative changes on sustainable finance as part of the EU Capital Markets Union Action Plan (2018), UNDRR will further strengthen this partnership with focus on three key areas:

  • Development of (model) disaster risk reduction laws and legal frameworks at the regional and national levels; 
  • Advocacy for the integration of disaster risk reduction into national and local budgets and enhanced oversight and accountability; 
  • Capacity development and trainings for parliamentarians.

Key partners for this work will include the International Parliamentary Union (Sendai paragraph 47) and other global and regional networks.

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