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Web talk on investing in disaster risk reduction with the topic of direct and indirect costs of disasters.

Organizer(s) United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Systemic risk assessment
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13:00 Geneva │ 06:00 Panama │ 18:00 Bangkok


UNDRR invites you to its WebTalk on Investing in Disaster Risk Reduction with the topic of direct and indirect costs of disasters.

UNDRR's approach to DRR Finance includes five steps that provide a comprehensive overview of the national financial framework by 

  1. estimating direct and indirect costs of disasters, 
  2. mapping the existing financing landscape, 
  3. identifying potential DRR investments, 
  4. selecting suitable financial mechanisms for each potential investment, and 
  5. integrating the results in an implementation plan.

Understanding the direct and indirect costs of disasters allows government to compare the costs of reducing risks with the resources already spent on disasters by addressing the damages (direct costs), and by the broader impact in the economy (indirect costs).

No previous financial knowledge is needed, as this conversation aims to help government officials and practitioners understand disaster costs to better advocate for additional resources for disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation.

The 30-minute conversation will feature the following experts:

  • Mathieu Verougstraete, UNDRR Head of Infrastructure and Finance for Resilience Unit - Direct and indirect costs of disasters
  • Mahesh Rajasekar, CDRI, Urban Resilience Adviser - Global Infrastructure Resilience Index (GIRI) 

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