Technical workshop: validation of the prototype for the new losses and damages tracking system

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
World Meteorological Organization
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters

UN Campus Bonn, Germany

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After initial phases of user needs discovery, data and digital maturity assessments, consultation and discussion with Member states and other stakeholders that produce or use damages and losses data, UNDRR has contracted an international software development and technology solutions company, to develop a new system prototype and conduct user testing building on an initial landscape requirement assessment and initial user needs identified.

User interviews have been conducted in the first quarter of 2023 to validate and confirm the existing and emerging needs previously identified by data producers and users across the damages and losses data value chain. Multiple technical meetings with regional, subject-matter experts, global partners and stakeholders have been consulted, including during the November 2022 “Technical Forum Tracking of hazardous events and disaster losses and damages” as part of the co-creation process to consolidate a framework for tracking damages and losses and to develop a new software system building on the needs and requirements by current as well prospective users.


The key objective of this workshop is to gather practitioners, experts and other losses and damages’ data stakeholders feedback on the new tracking system draft prototype. Current users of disaster losses and damages data and information systems, key actors on data production and use will be invited to provide detail feedback on the system structure, functionalities for data collection, ingestion, management, analysis and visualization, interfaces and usability.

Invited participants will be sourced from the technical forum, users engaged during the need analysis and research phase and those technical partners that provide assistance to countries on enhancing data governance, improving data collection, management, analysis and application.

The workshop will provide the opportunity to reiterate the next steps on the process to support rollout of the new systems. After the users' feedback is integrated into the prototype and specifications for system design, UNDRR and partners will proceed with the institutional clearance and procurement steps to contract the system development. The three partners UNDRR, UNDP and WMO, in collaboration with other regional organizations and specialized agencies will continue mobilizing resources and refining frameworks, guidance and toolbox for supporting countries in addressing governance, technical capacity and methodological challenges they face when assessing damages and losses, institutionalizing data architecture and enhancing the value chain on losses and damage data for ensuring data generates insights for comprehensive disaster risk reduction and climate risk management and risk-informed sustainable development policy making, programming and investment decisions.

Workshop modalities

The workshop will be primarily an in-person, technical level and participatory experience with technical presentation and group work dynamics to elicit concrete feedback.

Ona Systems Inc, the international software company recruited for the prototype design and user testing phase will facilitate the feedback gathering through group dynamics and any other interactive methods at their disposal.

There will be simultaneous interpretation services English – French – Spanish  and participants will receive further reference materials in advance and a set of guiding questions and/or exercise guidance to prepare and organize their feedback accordingly.

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