Pacific platform for disaster risk management 2012

New Caledonia
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Sub-Regional Office for the Pacific
Pacific Community

About the Pacific Platform

UNISDR co-convenes the Pacific Platform for Disaster Risk Management (Pacific Platform) jointly with the SOPAC Division of SPC. The Pacific Platform was established in 2008 to harmonize existing regional mechanisms for disaster risk management in the Pacific. The regional platform has been central to the development and/or implementation of regional policies and frameworks for action on disaster risk management in the Pacific providing an opportunity for the sharing of experiences and knowledge in relation to initiatives that are being implemented by Pacific island countries and territories to strengthen resilience to disasters.


  • Facilitate improved learning and the sharing of experiences among PICTs and partners in DRM through discussions on a range of topics including; early warning, training and capacity building; community-based DRM; rethinking DRM arrangements in the Pacific and the implementation status of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) and the Pacific DRR and DM Framework for Action (RFA);

  • Enable interaction between the disaster and water/sanitation communities in the Pacific to identify and discuss common issues and strategies at a regional level;

  • Provide opportunity for participants to contribute to a renewed regional framework to guide the sustainable management of water resources in the Pacific and the formulation of the integrated regional strategy for DRM and Climate Change 2015 including the Post-2015 Global Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.


  • Key linkages between water and sanitation, climate, and disaster risk management issues.
  • Disaster Risk Management Governance Arrangements in the Pacific
  • Progress and Trends in Disaster Risk Management
  • Community-based Disaster Risk Management
  • Training, Education and Capacity Building
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Roadmap for an Integrated DRM and Climate Change Regional Strategy by 2015
  • Renewed and increased understanding of the water and sanitation sector in PICTs now and into the future
  • Pathway to securing an agreed framework for the management of water and sanitation across the region.
  • Overview of national water, sanitation and climate vulnerabilities
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