UNDRR internships

Internships provide first-hand experience of the day-to-day working environment of the United Nations.

Opportunities open periodically in UNDRR offices worldwide.

As an intern at UNDRR you will be given a real chance to learn about the UNDRR mandate, the United Nations as a whole, and contribute to a project. You will be part of our team and work directly with inspiring career professionals, be exposed to high-profile conferences, participate in meetings, and actively contribute to the mission of the United Nations. But don’t worry! Initially, our objective is to help you develop the necessary skills and experience. You will be given assignments you can handle and receive the support of your supervisor to learn and grow.

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Currently available internships

Any available UNDRR internships are advertised on the main UN careers page as well as all UN internships.

The experience from previous UNDRR interns

"I gained exposure to many private sector actors involved in disaster risk reduction initiatives during my internship.

I was very lucky to be working in an exceptional group and participating in various activities, such as UNDRR Stakeholder Engagement Mechanism meeting and board meetings for ARISE (UNDRR Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies), where people with diverse backgrounds exchanged their insights and offered valuable suggestions. This experience made me realize the importance of a collaborative platform for DRR work and broadened my horizon for my future career.

— Yixuan, China (2023)

"During my internship at UNDRR, I was tasked with following up on the progress of the Making Cities Resilient 2030 initiative.

I had an experienced programme management officer as my supervisor, who supported and guided me at every step of the work. I got the opportunity to interact with the officials of many cities involved in MCR2030 initiatives, I had the chance to use my skills in research and writing to draft documents and reports for MCR2030, and I networked with many experts in their fields. This internship was very valuable for my academic and professional development and I already miss it!

— Sevinç, Turkey (2023)

"My internship at UNDRR has been an incredible journey, where I worked at the Early Warnings for All Initiative.

It’s been nothing short of transformative! Working alongside UNDRR's dedicated team, I've witnessed the paradigm shift towards risk prevention, empowering communities to build resilience in the face of extreme weather events, scaling up the global early warning coverage. From collaborating with diverse teams across the UN system to contributing, working on key deliverables, and participating in the preparation for high-level events including for COP28, every moment has been a thrilling learning experience. And it's not just about professional growth – this journey has left an indelible mark on me personally, reinforcing the power and importance of international collaboration, crucial to prevent climate-related disasters.

— Maria, Italy/Netherlands (2024)

"During my six-month internship at UNDRR, I had the privilege of working alongside experts in disaster risk and resilience.

Supporting the technical implementation of the Early Warnings for All initiative was a highlight of my experience. What made it particularly rewarding was the opportunity to contribute independently across different areas of the entity’s work. I'm grateful for this valuable experience, and I'm certain it will positively shape my future career.

— Malte, Denmark (2024)

"My time at UNDRR was truly transformative.

During my six-month internship with the Content and Channels Team, I was fully immersed in the work of the organization's communications department. I found this experience unique because of the level of autonomy I was given to explore my own interests. This freedom not only allowed me to excel in the internship but also enabled me to discover new strengths and passions. Each day brought new challenges and opportunities, ultimately leading to significant personal and professional growth. The staff at UNDRR provided a healthy and safe environment for interns to actively participate, develop, and learn. Their guidance and support created a space where I felt empowered to take on new responsibilities and push my limits. Overall, I believe my time at UNDRR will shape my approach to work and learning throughout the rest of my professional career"

— Nicholous, USA (2024)

Practical information

  • Internships at UNDRR, and elsewhere in the UN Secretariat, are advertised on the UN Careers website. Candidates are asked to create a profile on the careers website and submit an application directly.
  • Internships in the UN Secretariat, including UNDRR, are unpaid.
  • Acquisition of necessary visas, travel costs and arrangements, and living accommodation are the responsibility of the interns or their sponsoring institutions.
  • Internships can be: full-time or part-time, and last from two to six months.
    • The details of the duration and working modality for a particular internship are included in the online advertisement. These may vary according to the nature of the assignment and needs and capacity of UNDRR to receive interns.

Further information on the UN Secretariat Internship Programme, including eligibility.

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