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20 May 2014
This UNISDR Europe Office annual report focuses on achievements in 2013. The delivery of results is described in the order of the four Strategic Objectives of the UNISDR Strategic Framework 2012-2015: Lead and Coordinate, Credible Evidence, Advocacy and Outreach, and Deliver and Communicate Results. The achievements reported show that great strides ha…
This summary provides the Chair’s assessment of the main points of the key issues discussed during the Pacific Platform for Disaster Risk Management, held in Suva, Fiji on 2–4 June 2014. It presents (i) the findings of a ten-year review of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) in the region; (ii) a summary of a High-level dialogue between prominent repr…
In Spanish: Este texto fue establecido como el Marco de Colaboración para establecer vínculos de intereses para la coalición para la resiliencia de las organizaciones de carácter regional e internacional comprometidas con la promoción y garantía de derechos de la niñez, la adolescencia y la juventud en los países de Latino-américa y el Caribe.