Africa regional leadership development forum on mainstreaming adaptation and disaster reduction into development

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Office in Incheon for Northeast Asia and Global Education and Training Institute for Disaster Risk Reduction

Regional Leadership Development Forum (RLDF) on Mainstreaming Adaptation and Disaster Reduction into Development (MADRiD), a programme that is aiming to increase high-level political commitment for integrating disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into overall economic and social planning processes; and to promote the establishment of sustained human resources capacity development to successfully advocate for the integration of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into socio-economic development planning.

Within the frames of the MADRiD programme the UNISDR in collaboration with WMO, APDC, IFRC, and UNDP have initiated a series of Global and Regional Leadership Development Forums (LDF’s) and allied advocacy, outreach and capacity development activities. The MADRiD Programme is designed as a multy-year initiative with the following recurring elements:

  • Global And Regional Leadership Development Forums (RLDF’s and GLDF’s) as opportunities for structured dialogue and joint problem solving with disaster managers, climate change authorities, development planners, law-makers, elected officials and technical partners
  • Technical Resources, including tailoring existing training material and developing additional guidance, modules material to support national training and capacity building
  • Coalition, Partnership Building and Global Outreach to advance political commitment through high-level meetings in capitals with select ministers and legislators, Residential Coordinators, UN Agencies, training institutions, civil society and media representatives
  • Promoting in-country implementation following the training of trainers workshops
  • MARiD 2012 Follow-up, with an eye towards HFA2 and the post-2015 development agenda
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