Winter Academy for Early Warning Experts
On 25 November 2021, a four-day Training Academy on disaster risk reduction and early warning systems took place. Experts responsible for disaster risk management and meteorological/hydrological services from IGAD, IGAD Member States, Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), as well as Malawi, Mozambique and the Republic of Tanzania participated.
myDEWETRA platform
On 23 November 2021, an exit workshop was held on the Government of Italy funded project on “Disaster Risk Reduction Capacity Building in Ethiopia”. Experts gathered to share main outcomes, exchange experience, and discuss the way forward.
Facing population growth and health hazards associated with flooding, Kampala is implementing a DRR plan with help from the 'Making Cities Sustainable and Resilient’ project.
With support from UNDRR's "Making cities sustainable and resilient" project, Guayaquil has developed a DRR plan that has spurred improvements in data collection, equipment and coordination, among others.
In this interview, Veladio Erazo Masgo, Deputy Manager of Disaster Risk of San Juan de Lurigancho, reveals that the "Making Cities Resilient" initiative has provided a tool that guides urban growth in his city. The effort will hopefully help overcome issues in local authority engagement and increasing the understanding of DRR's importance.
Kisumu has offered to be a training ground for other African cities due to its pioneering role in disaster risk reduction, which is thanks in part to great civic participation in preventive strategies and the Making Cities Sustainable and Resilient Initiative.
Guatemala developed new disaster response protocols for its municipal departments. Thanks to the new DRR plan there's more coordination when an emergency rises.
In Mawlamyine, annual flooding damages infrastructure and lives. Thanks to the Making Cities Sustainable and Resilient Initiative, the city is evaluating its resilience to scale up DRR interventions.
Under the ‘Making Cities Sustainable and Resilient’ initiative in Cape Verde, a wide cross-section of organizations came together to rank Praia’s levels of disaster resilience. The city is also now developing its first DRR plan.
Thanks to the Making Cities Resilient and Sustainable Initiative, Nablus, Palestine, is working on boosting its resilience capability, engaging different stakeholders such as the private sector, business community and academic institutions.