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As a contribution to the Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Network (DiDRRN), UNDRR Asia-Pacific collaborated with the ASB Office for Indonesia and the Philippines to produce a series of disaster preparedness guides for persons with disabilities

Mami Mizutori with five young representatives from the High School Student Summit and Marc McDonald from the AARP Foundation at the Intergenerational Dialogue.
More than 150 government representatives, members of academia and young participants from the 2019 Japan World Tsunami Awareness Day High School Summit commemorated World Tsunami Awareness Day on 5 November at the United Nations Headquarters, New York and discussed innovative solutions to reduce tsunami risks.

UNISDR and UNICEF have together produced an educational kit for children called “Let’s learn to prevent disasters!”. It includes the board game 'Riskland' whereby players learn about what they can do to reduce disaster impacts by answering questions and

This first publication in the series deals with disaster preparedness and response focusing on earthquake, drought, flooding, extreme heat and drought.

"Friends Power" is a series of health education comic stories developed for children. It aims to build

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Children and youth under age 30 currently make up more than half the world’s population. They are the ones who will benefit most from reducing disaster risk and impacts, curtailing climate chaos and achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs

This paper explores the Campaign of Sustainable and Resilient Universities, which was created between October 2016 and December 2017 by the University Network of the America and the Caribbean for Disaster Risk Reduction. The campaign fulfils the four

This paper is prompted by critical awareness that the aspirations of both the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development hinge substantially on advancements in (sub)national resilience building. It also

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Group photo of participants at the 2nd World Tsunami Museum Conference
Japan hosted the 2nd World Tsunami Museum Conference which attracted 156 participants from 17 countries to help raise awareness of tsunami risk.
GEM Secretay-General, John Schneider in conversation with UNISDR head, Mami Mizutori, at the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction
GEM, an initiative to improve understanding of earthquake risk has received a major award at the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction.