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15 September 2009
This booklet is a practical, and easy to comprehend, assistance manual for citizens to be prepared for emergency situations. This document is a Russian contribution to the implementation of IDNDR programmes.
The United Nations General Assembly has designated October 13th as the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction to promote a global culture of disaster risk reduction. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the progress being made toward reducing disaster risk and losses in lives, livelihoods and health in line with the Sendai Framework for Disaster…
13 March 2018
This document is the fifth in a series of hazard-specific risk assessment modules, compiled as part of the Words into Action Guidelines on National Disaster Risk Assessment by UNISDR. This section provides a general introduction to the assessment of biological hazards. This section outlines various approaches to assessing the risk of biological hazards,…
The intention of this paper is to contribute to Sendai Framework Priority 1, “Understanding disaster risk”, and Priority 2, “Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk”, by examining biological hazards and by proposing a structure for agencies to mitigate bio-risks. With regard to Priority 1, the paper aims, first, to develop an und…