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21 April 2011
The document serves the purpose of providing up to date information relating to National Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction within the UNISDR Europe Region. To date 27 NPs have been officially nominated in UNISDR Europe Region. (Last updated 11 December 2014)
The UNISDR secretariat launches this new publication featuring nine National Platform case studies in an effort to inspire and support the birth of new National Platforms, and also to strengthen existing ones. Governments increasingly recognize the need for comprehensive multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral national coordinating mechanisms - National Pl…
28 October 2008
This booklet was elaborated as "questions & answers" between a volcanologist and a volcano. It teaches children what a volcano is, the different types of volcanoes, and their level of risk. Then prevention is featured as a game, and instructions follow to be applied in emergency situations. This booklet includes several notes for parents and teacher…