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21 April 2011
The document serves the purpose of providing up to date information relating to National Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction within the UNISDR Europe Region. To date 27 NPs have been officially nominated in UNISDR Europe Region. (Last updated 11 December 2014)
This monthly newsletter highlights UNISDR activities around the world. This issue reports on: (i) the Global Platform 2013 plenary session on the private sector for resilient societies; (ii) the adoption of the United Nations Plan of Action on Disaster Risk Reduction for Resilience; (iii) the adoption of the Arab Declaration on Disaster Risk Reduction i…
The policy brief informs local policymakers about the current trends and activities taking place in selected cities that have signed up to the Making Cities Resilient Campaign since 2010. The Summary draws largely on the findings of the Making Cities Resilient Report 2012, as well as interviews and information local governments have self-reported to the…
17 June 2021
Key messages Implementation of EU WFD and EU Drought Policy; Transboundary cooperation in Drought Planning and Management; Development of a sound drought and scarcity indicator system; Definition of environmental flows and establishment of a minimum flow regime (MFR) for drought periods. This case study is a contribution to the GAR Special Report on…