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21 April 2011
The document serves the purpose of providing up to date information relating to National Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction within the UNISDR Europe Region. To date 27 NPs have been officially nominated in UNISDR Europe Region. (Last updated 11 December 2014)
This report by the Secretariat for the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) presents Portugal’s disaster risks and natural hazards, such as flood and earthquake, and discusses the organization, responsibilities and activities of the National Service for Civil Defense. The report outlines country’s main disaster prevention achieve…
17 June 2021
Key messages Implementation of EU WFD and EU Drought Policy; Transboundary cooperation in Drought Planning and Management; Development of a sound drought and scarcity indicator system; Definition of environmental flows and establishment of a minimum flow regime (MFR) for drought periods. This case study is a contribution to the GAR Special Report on…
This contributing paper takes a look at a new risk prevention and mitigation approach in Funchal, Madeira Island, allowing residents and school community from susceptible areas to build a collective response to emergency situations in matters of prevention and intervention. The Civil Protection Units project offers training sessions through educational…