UNDRR INFO- June 2021

UNDRR INFO, is the Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia's monthly newsletter covering activities in the field of DRR. This month's edition includes updates on the Central Asia Initiative, the release of the GAR Special Report on Drought 2021, a

Building Resilience During COVID-19: Lessons Learned from Disaster Risk Reduction Programming - Executive Summary

The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark demonstration that, in a connected and globalized world, risk is more systemic than ever: what was initially a health disaster quickly became a socioeconomic one with long-term impact, highlighting the urgent need for a

Tsunami News 2020-2021

Tsunami News 2020-2021 is a magazine-style publication which covers notable events in the world of tsunami risk management over the last year. On the occasion of World Tsunami Awareness Day (WTAD), 5 November 2020, the UN Secretary-General, Antonio

Key messages

  • Natural resources depletion and crop failures due to droughts are widely reported in West Africa causing production losses, rising food prices, and increased hunger and malnutrition;
  • In places where dependence on natural resources and

Key messages

  • Natural ecosystems of the country’s arid and semi-arid regions;
  • Salinization, spread of moving sands, dust-storms and dry winds, exacerbated by lack of water resources;
  • National action plan for drought management to be developed.


Key Messages

  • Drought early warning and information systems must be flexible and receptive toward the integration of new indicators and impacts as they become available and validated
  • Systematic collection of impacts must be treated in the same light as

Key messages

  • Large spatially variable climate conditions between upstream and downstream of river basins needs special attention in mitigation drought risks.
  • Great temporal variability in hydrological conditions of transboundary river basins causing

Key messages

  • Droughts are defined as natural phenomena caused by a deficiency in water resources (e.g. precipitation, groundwater etc.), which represents a certain anomalous situation with respect to the long-term average over a certain period of time

Key messages

  • A persistent hazard - challenge to livelihoods of the most vulnerable communities, with cascading impacts on overall national development;
  • Technical aspects – monitoring, early warning and improvements – ongoing and planned – need to focus

Key messages

  • Implementation of EU WFD and EU Drought Policy;
  • Transboundary cooperation in Drought Planning and Management;
  • Development of a sound drought and scarcity indicator system;
  • Definition of environmental flows and establishment of a minimum