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This is the Nairobi Declaration on accelerating the path to achieving the goals and targets of the Programme of Action for the Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 in Africa. 
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This report asks what needs to change in the approach of the United Nations system as a whole to make significant practical progress on gender equality in disaster risk reduction by 2030.
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The Rabat Declaration acknowledges the need to strengthen cooperation between Arab states and other organizations to address the threats posed by current and evolving risks.
A green and resilient recovery for Europe
The analysis examines the steps taken to deliver a green and resilient recovery and indicates that current action is not commensurate with the sheer scale of the challenge – the rapid accumulation of disaster risk that is systemic, interconnected and cascading.
This report aims to support the delivery of risk-informed investment by those who make investment decisions, primarily in the financial services sector. The report documents the progress that has been made and the barriers that need to be overcome.
This contribution to the GAR Special Report on Drought 2021 is a case study on the 2017-18 drought in the Argentine Pampas. It focusses on its impacts on agriculture. The drought had large impacts on production and yields of summer crops.

UNDRR INFO is the monthly newsletter from the UNDRR Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia with updates on news and activities in the region. This month's edition is dedicated to the 2021 International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction and the launch

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The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction issued a new report “International Cooperation in Disaster Risk Reduction” which highlights low levels of investments in disaster prevention and disaster risk reduction for the world’s most vulnerable countries
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This toolkit explains the importance of DRR and how to implement it, and provides 10 actions that parliamentarians can employ to effectively influence and implement DRR policy, legal, financial and oversight frameworks adapted to their country’s context.
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This systematization report seeks to briefly document and summarize the implementation of the 2020 Action Plan of the Climate Change and Resilience Issue-Based Coalition