Heatwaves report cover
With a focus on Asia-Pacific, this report explores the drivers of increased risk and socioeconomic impact of extreme heat and identifies risk management policies for reducing vulnerability and the human impact of extreme heat events.
This publication highlights they key developments approaches and values of the early UN pioneers in disaster risk reduction.
UNDRR ROECA Info March 2022
This issue provides updates from UNDRR ROECA for March 2022.
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This policy brief explores challenges faced in gender-responsive disaster risk reduction. Gender inequality, coupled with climate and environment crises, is the greatest sustainable development challenge of the present time.
Key achievements across the region Americas and the Caribbean.
The draft Summary of the Principles for Resilient Infrastructure has been prepared for the Global Consultation on the Principles for Resilient Infrastructure being held on 28 & 29 March 2022.
Briefing note on systemic risk
This Briefing Note provides a review of systemic risk science and practice , and identifies opportunities for research, policy and practice from the perspective of climate, environmental and disaster risk science and management.
RP21 proceedings
The VII Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas and the Caribbean was held under the theme “Building resilient economies in the Americas and the Caribbean”.
Towards Gender Equality and Women’s Leadership for Resilience to Disaster Risks in Latin America and the Caribbean
Factors such as gender, age, life in an urban or rural context, belonging to a native or Afrodescendant people, access to education or social protection mechanisms significantly influence people’s knowledge and ability to prepare and respond.
Ethiopia: risk sensitive budget review cover
This report provides information on the estimated amount of national DRR and CCA expenditures from both internal and external sources. Employing a risk-sensitive budget review (RSBR) methodology