UNSG report on MDGs highlights the importance of reducing disaster risks

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - New York UNHQ Liaison Office

The UN Secretary-General’s report 'Keeping the Promise' presents progress made with regard to the Millennium Development Goals through a comprehensive review of successes, best practices and lessons learnt, obstacles and gaps, challenges and opportunities, leading to concrete strategies for action. It has been issued in all the six UN languages.

The report stresses that reducing disaster risks is vital for the achievement of MDGs. It states, that disaster risk is increasing globally, and is highly concentrated in middle- and low-income countries. Reducing disaster risk and increasing resilience to natural hazards in different development sectors can have multiplier effects and accelerate achievement of MDGs. The Hyogo Framework for Action (2005-2015) endorsed by Member States commits all countries to make major efforts to reduce their disaster risk by 2015. The horrific loss of life in Haiti underscores the need to ensure that the human built environment is resilient in the face of an array of potential hazards, both seismic and climatic.”

The report calls for a new pact toward the acceleration of MDG progress in the coming years among all stakeholders committed towards equitable and sustainable development. It will be the basis for the Member States’ consultations for the outcome document of the September meeting

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