UNDRR Regional Office for the Arab States leads on DRR Capacity Building Programme in Somalia on the National and Local Level

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Port of Bossaso, Somalia
Port of Bossaso, Somalia
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The DRR Capacity Building Programme in Somalia is funded by the Government of Italy and comes to revise, and update the National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy impact in line with the Sendai Framework for DRR and the Arab Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction; in addition, to develop a multi-hazard early warning feasibility study and a local disaster risk reduction and resilience action plans in one pilot city. 

Making Cities Resilient 2030

The UNDRR ROAS conducted a two-day capacity building workshop in Jowhar City (Capital of Hirshabelle State) to raise awareness of the local government on disaster risk reduction, climate change, and sustainable development, introduce the Making Cities Resilient 2030 (MCR 2030) Programme, and provide an opportunity for local experts to enhance their capacities on the MCR 10 essentials and toolkit. Additionally, the UNDRR ROAS trained 27 men and women – representatives from Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management at Hirshabelle state level, academia, media, fire department, private sector, elders, local communities, and youth – on the Quick Estimation Tool (QRE) to identify and assess current and future risks and exposure threats to both human and physical assets in Jowhar city. The UNDRR ROAS will use the results of the tool to inform the development of the local resilience action plan. Jowhar City is of the first Arab cities to join the new MCR2030 and UNDRR ROAS supported the city in signing up to the MCR 2030 dashboard to access city-to-city support networks, technical guidance from partners, and specialist service providers.

This important development and progress in the Somalia DRR capacity building continue to achieve further success with the support of the Government of Italy, which carries on assisting and funding DRR projects in general and the UNDRR in particular.

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