Scam alert: UNDRR fake recruitment offers

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Scam sign

UNDRR has been facing a large recruitment scam for the past year which resulted in a number of potential candidates being contacted and offered a fake position.

What we know?

  • The offers seem to all come from the same email address:
  • The scammers offer positions which do not exist in UNDRR (i.e. Human Rights Officer) in duty stations where we don’t have offices (Hong Kong is one of their favorites).
  • The scammers start by collecting biodata from the candidate and end by asking money from the candidate for travel / induction training.

What we have done?

  • We have posted a disclaimer on our website and on UNDRR social media channels.
  • We have reported the issue to UN IT security but have been advised that not much can be done from the UN side since the fraudulent emails are being sent from outside the UN.
  • We have responded to queries from candidates confirming the fake nature of the offers and encouraging them to report the scam to their national police or relevant authorities.

We need your help!

  • Please circulate this message throughout your networks so a maximum number of interested candidates are informed about the scam.

Thank you!

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