New tool enhances resilience for Serbian SMEs

Milos Gubic

In an effort to bolster the resilience of Serbian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) has introduced a customized Business Continuity Plan (BCP) tool. This new tool, adapted specifically for the Serbian business environment, comes with a detailed guidance document to aid its effective use.

Tailored for Serbia

To ensure the tool's relevance and practicality, it was tested with local Serbian SMEs. Their feedback was crucial in refining the BCP tool and its accompanying guidance document, resulting in a version that effectively addresses the needs and challenges of Serbian businesses.

Launch at Kopaonik Business Forum

The Kopaonik Business Forum, a key event focused on enhancing the Serbian economy, provided a platform to introduce the BCP tool to a wider audience. The presentation brought together regulators, government officials, and private sector representatives to discuss the application and potential benefits of this tool within Serbia's business community.

Support across Serbia

The next phase of this initiative aims to extend support to SMEs throughout various regions of Serbia. Businesses will be guided through conducting risk assessments using the UNDRR Quick Risk Assessment tool. Based on these assessments, SMEs will develop robust Business Continuity Plans with the newly adapted BCP tool. This approach aims to help businesses prepare for and manage potential disruptions, thereby enhancing their stability and sustainability.

Investing in stability and growth

By providing Serbian SMEs with the resources to create effective Business Continuity Plans, this initiative supports the future stability and growth of the Serbian economy. It represents a step forward in disaster risk reduction for the private sector, contributing to a more resilient business environment.

As Serbian businesses start to implement the BCP tool, they will be better equipped to handle disruptions, ensuring their continued operation and economic stability and growth. This initiative marks a step towards a more resilient and sustainable future for Serbia's business sector.

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