Mediterranean: Launch of PPRD South web portal

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PPRD South Programme press release - Much more than a Programme web site

Today, 14 April 2010, the EU-funded Programme on Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters (PPRD South) is officially launching its web portal.

The portal is based on collaborative editing, with national civil protection authorities from each of the PPRD South Partner Countries responsible for their respective country sections. The PPRD South web portal is also open to a wide range of civil protection stakeholders and experts. Users can post news items concerning their national civil protection systems, civil protection initiatives carried out in the country, lessons learned and good practices.

This information exchange mechanism will improve the circulation of civil protection information in the region and will allow civil protection players to be better informed on existing capacities, recent experiences, and civil protection issues, tools and methods at stake in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

On the occasion of the launch of the web portal, we published on the Home page five statements by the General Directors of the PPRD South Consortium organisations (Italian, Algerian, Egyptian and French Civil Protection Authorities together with UNISDR). The statements briefly summarise the importance of this information sharing initiative for the Mediterranean disaster risk management context.

Please visit the PPRD South web portal to discover the opportunities offered by the new tool and start exchanging the civil protection information that you deem important for other civil protection experts to know.

Create your account, log in and post news items or articles related to your country. The more people use and contribute to this portal, the better the outcome.

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