Margareta Wahlstrom in Cairns to talk about disaster resilience and risk reduction

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Sub-Regional Office for the Pacific

In the lead-up to Cancun, the City of Cairns is a local government that is already taking action in DRR and CCA.

Empowering local governments to engage in DRR is the world’s hope to build resilience against climate change. UNISDR supports the work of local governments in DRR by raising their profile on the international stage. This is because cities are at the frontline of climate change, and are embracing DRR in ways that rival the action of national government. UNISDR is at the centre of a network of cities that has taken the GA-endorsed Hyogo Framework for Action and is applying it through the “Ten Essentials”, which are being promoted through the “Making Cities Resilient - My City Is Getting Ready!” campaign.

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