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At any time throughout the world a river somewhere is in flood and its waters are threatening communities, their properties and even their lives. At the other end of this extreme water overload are droughts that have been and are still occurring around
As Ivan stormed across the Caribbean, the United Nations stated that Cuba was a model in hurricane risk management in developing countries. “The Cuban way could easily be applied to other countries with similar economic conditions and even in countries
One year after this tragedy, the reconstruction process is slow and most of city’s inhabitants are still living under tents and provisional shelters. The Iranian Government has since hosted a number of conferences bringing together earthquake experts and
In May 2004, rains killed 2,665 people in Haiti. This week they have caused another 2,000 deaths yet only 11 are reported dead in the Dominican Republic. The force of rains in Haiti were less strong than the ones that struck the Dominican Republic, but