Webinar 1: Using Risk Information and Disaster Risk Profiles to Inform DRR and Decision Making in Africa

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Africa
African Union Commission
Centro Internazionale in Monitoraggio Ambientale

On behalf of UNDRR Regional Office for Africa, African Union Commission and CIMA Foundation we are pleased to invite you to a series of upcoming webinars: Using risk information and disaster risk profiles to inform DRR and decision making: the road map for improving the availability, access and use of disaster risk information for Early Warning and Early Action and in support of the DRR agenda in Africa. For more details please see attached the concept note. The first in the series will be held this Thursday. 





WEBINAR 1, Thursday 30 July 2020

15:00 Nairobi / Addis Ababa | 13.00 Yaoundé / Abuja | 12.00 Abidjan / Dakar |  Duration: 1.5h

Panelists for this first webinar will reflect on the process of developing the road map at the continental, regional and national level. Regional, national and scientific partners will provide recommendations on the implementation of the priority activities set out in the road map. Since risk knowledge is a key component of EWS, the panelists will assess the value of country-level quantitative risk profiles in enabling crucial decisions to be made, taking into consideration information on the probable impacts of disaster events. The above will create a basis for the consideration of transboundary disaster risk management.


Time allocated for each speaker: 5 min

Opening address


The need for and expectations from the development of the continental, regional and national road maps.


Partnerships and prerequisites for a harmonised continental and REC-level EWS.


The need for trans-boundary coordination; the role of the RECs in EWS and discussion of existing tools (protocols for flood and drought management).


Requirements for tools for trans-boundary coordination (an integrated information systems).


The use of risk profiles for EWS.

CIMA Research Foundation



Interventions from the floor: DMD-PMO, UR Tanzania; DMMU, Zambia; EEAS- Addis Ababa;

Q&A: 30 min: Based on questions shared through the registration portal and through the Q&A chat box


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