Sub-regional assessment on mainstreaming and implementing DRR measures in Southern Africa

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Africa
Economic Commission for Africa
Southern African Development Community

The Southern Africa sub-region, known as Southern African Development Community (SADC), has increasingly become vulnerable to disasters triggered by both a complex combination of natural and human-induced hazards. The common hazards include severe storms, drought, floods, cyclones, environmental degradation, earthquakes, conflict, political instability, poverty, and food and livelihood insecurity. As the SADC region recognises that „disasters are a development problem‟, mainstreaming DRR in development processes is likely to contribute to the resilience of the SADC region to disasters. This meeting will provide a platform for the assessment of the extent to which DRR has been mainstreamed and implemented in the SADC region.

The specific objectives were:

  1. To identify, analyse and document the main disaster risks in SADC and associated damages and losses;
  2. Identify and analyse past, ongoing and planned interventions by SADC and main partner organizations; and
  3. Identify and review key SADC and main partner strategy, policy, plan and programme documents to assess DRR integration.
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