Sino-Africa high level seminar on drought risk reduction

China - government
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

Grand Concordia Hotel

Overall Objective
The Sino-Africa Seminar on Drought Risk Reduction aims to contribute to the on-going international process of building drought resilient nations and communities.

Specific Objectives

  • The specific objectives of the Sino-Africa Seminar on Drought Risk Reduction are to provide a forum for governments to:
  • Share their information, knowledge, experience and lessons learnt in drought risk reduction;
  • Share experience, and scientific and practical methods for building drought resilience, especially related to drought monitoring, early warning, water resource management and agriculture; and
  • Identify priority areas and ways for Sino-Africa cooperation and collaboration in drought risk reduction.

Main Themes

  • National policy and existing mechanisms for drought management and risk reduction
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of national early warning systems for managing drought risks and disasters
  • Good practices and lessons learnt in reducing the socio-economic impact of drought, especially in the sectors of water management and agriculture
  • Main elements for effective Sino-Africa cooperation and collaboration in developing an effective drought early warning system and drought risk management

Expected Results

  • Improved understanding of national policies and existing mechanisms of drought management and risk reduction
  • Improved understanding of the major elements required for effective drought early warning systems
  • Improved knowledge on approaches and technologies that are being used in China and Africa for early warning and for reducing the impact and risk of drought disasters, especially in water resource management and agriculture.
  • Consensus on areas of priority to advance collaboration and cooperation between China and Africa in drought risk reduction
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