Second Training of Trainers on Sendai Framework Monitoring System including Disaster Loss Accounting

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

AHH lower conference room, UN Campus, Platz der Vereinten Nationen 1, D-53113

Introduction and background

UNDRR has been mandated to support the monitoring of the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030. The online Sendai Framework Monitoring (SFM) system was launched in March 2018, with accompanying technical guidance on data collection and analysis, a tool which helps Member States to assess their progress in the implementation of the Sendai Framework as per the indicator system endorsed by the General Assembly. Since the launch of the SFM system, there have been two data sources that have been triangulated to feed into the reporting process towards SDG monitoring for the High Level Political Forum in 2018 and 2019 and for the Global Assessment Report (GAR) for Disaster Risk Reduction in 2019.

The first is the SFM system itself, and the second is a disaster loss accounting tool (DesInventar), which UNDRR and its UN partners have made available to Member States to establish their national disaster loss databases, which support the data collection for the global indicators of Target A through Target D of the Sendai Framework.

In order to effectively reach out to Member States and other relevant stakeholders in facilitating their Sendai Framework monitoring process, there was a need to expand the available technical support primarily at the regional level. Hence to build this additional capacity, in September 2018, UNDRR organized the first Training of Trainers (ToT) for organizational partners and selected experts to provide the required support as trainers of both the above-mentioned systems. This will help UNDRR to ensure quality assurance and supplementary support to Member States and other related stakeholders in taking this agenda forward. Hence, building on the success of last year’s ToT, UNDRR is proposing to hold the second such event in Bonn in September 2019.

Expected objective

To create a pool of experts on Sendai Framework monitoring and disaster loss accounting by training organizational partners and selected experts coming from different regions who in turn, could support the training of Member States and other related stakeholders on these areas of work.

Expected outcome

Member States and other related stakeholders will have access to high quality on-site or off-site technical assistance on Sendai Framework monitoring and disaster loss accounting from these participating partners and experts.

Target participants

This training workshop is aimed at partner institutions and individual experts who are supporting Member States in making the best use of the SFM System and the Disaster Loss accounting

Language of the ToT: The working language of all activities will be English.

Financial support

Thanks to the support being provided by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan, the organizers will be able to offer support to a limited number of participants. The support will be provided on a priority basis to nominated participants from partner institutions that are already providing support to Member States on the monitoring of the Sendai Framework. The participants invited will be as per the recommendation of the UNDRR Regional Offices. The support will defray the cost of travel (round-trip ticket – most economic fare – between the airport of international departure in their country of residence and neighbouring airport in Bonn) and/or room and board expenses during the duration of the event.

Life and health insurance: Life/major health insurance is the responsibility of the participant or his/her institution or government. The organizer will not assume any responsibility for life and major health insurance, nor for expenses related to medical treatment or accidental events.

Point of contact

Please also forward any questions including requests for support to secure any necessary visa (please include in the subject line Training of Trainers).

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