Science and Policy Forum for the Implementation of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Scientific and Technical Advisory Group
Integrated Research on Disaster Risk
International Science Council

Palais des Nations

The UNDRR Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG) has been called upon by the Sendai Framework as an essential global partnership group providing technical advice and support in the formulation and implementation of disaster risk reduction activities worldwide. 

Key objectives of their event are as follows:

  • To share and review progress in global, regional, national and local implementation of science-based policy making, risk sensitive development as a basis for enhanced engagement between science and policy for risk-informed decision making across the 2030 Agenda;
  • To identify the key knowledge gaps and opportunities to strengthen the contributions of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary science base to delivering the Sendai Framework including through the operationalization of the Global Science and Technology Road Map;
  • To commit collectively to enhanced collaboration for an integrated science approach to DRR, CCA and sustainable development;
  • To fill the current gap in knowledge and application of new technologies for disaster risk reduction and enhanced resilience.

The priority audiences for the conference are:

  1. Policy-makers dealing with the implementation of the Sendai Framework nationally;
  2. Scientists and technology experts actively working in building the knowledge and its use in decision-making and action around the Sendai objectives;
  3. Other stakeholders from civil society, business, media working on supporting evidence-based DRR.
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