Resilient and Inclusive Cities

ciudades resilientes
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction – Regional Office for the Americas and the Caribbean
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Resilient and Inclusive Cities



The current context derived from Covid-19 has revealed the inequitable reality of the cities in the region. Unplanned urbanization processes have generated inequality and exclusion in our cities. This is translated into the difficult advancement in development matters and the impossibility of guaranteeing hygiene and protection measures for the most vulnerable urban populations in the face of the pandemic. The interaction between the spatial, social and economic dimensions of inclusion, together with the impacts of Covid-19, have made evident the need to rethink our cities from the perspective of disaster risk reduction, urban planning, and social and economic inclusion.



Horacio Cristian Terraza, World Bank; Sergio Lacambra Ayuso, Coordinator of the Disaster Management Cluster, Inter-American Development Bank; Nelson Fernández, Director of International Relations and Cooperation, Montevideo City Hall, AL-LAS, Secretary General of UCLG, Mercociudades.


You can watch the webinar recording HERE. 

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