Regional Webinar on Sendai Framework Monitor (SFM) Reporting in the Arab Region

Regional Webinar on SFM
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Arab States
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The United Nations for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) is organizing periodic regional consultation workshops to review progress made, address challenges and issues faced and support the identification of remedial measures and solutions. Since the next milestone for reporting on the progress made in achieving the seven global targets of Sendai Framework for DRR on the on-line Sendai Framework Monitor (SFM) for all years; (2005-2019) is approaching on 1 October 2020, UNDRR ROAS is keen on providing maximum support to increase the number of Arab countries that report on SFM by this upcoming milestone and enhance the quality of the data reported.

To this end, UNDRR Regional Office for Arab States (ROAS) is organizing a 2-hour regional webinar to review progress of countries on SFM reporting and agree on concrete steps to take to ensure increased and enhanced reporting on the required data by 1 October.

The Webinar objectives are:

Follow-up on Arab states commitment at the national and regional level to periodically review

the progress made in the implementing the Sendai framework through reporting on SFM.

Follow-up on SFM reporting on the development and implementation of national & local DRR policies and strategies to achieve Target E of the Sendai Framework.

Discuss the need for disaggregation of data and reporting on COVID on SFM.

Review of SFM status and agree on concrete steps to take to increase SFM reporting and enhance the quality of data entered before the next reporting milestones.

UNDRR ROAS Sendai Focal Points reviewed the recommendations that emerged from the Regional Review Workshop conducted in August 2019 and the status of SFM reporting in their respective countries for all data since 2005, including the status of reporting by countries on Target E (indicators E-1 and E-2) and during the meeting the Sendai Focal Points will discuss disaggregation of entered data per hazard, per location, per sex, per income, per disability on SFM and elaborate on the arrangements for data entry on COVID-19 losses (Targets A to E) on SFM in the first quarter of 2021.


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