Post-2015 consultation at the second leadership development forum on developing capacity and legislation to mainstream DRR into development

Korea, Rep of
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

The Post-2015 consultation to be held with national and local government officials from Armenia, Cambodia, Gambia, Lao RDR, Mongolia, the Philippines and Republic of Korea at the second Leadership Development Forum on Developing Capacity and Legislation to Mainstream DRR into Development.

Issues to be addressed: (i) the lack of progress with implementation of DRR policies and financing; (ii) the difficulty of getting governments to commit to DRR financing; (iii) how opportunities for reducing risk and building resilience need to include increased attention on adapting to climate change; (iv) the major need of training and human resources; (v) good governance of DRR includes decentralization; and (vi) how DRR has become a good opportunity for stakeholder engagement, including with NGOs and the private sector.

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