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NAP EXPO 2024: A comprehensive risk management approach to developing and implementing NAPs

Organizer(s) United Nations Environment Programme UNDRR Bonn Office
Iraq drought and desert
In person

Bangabandhu International Conference center



1100 to 1230 Dhaka Local Time


A comprehensive approach to risk management is imperative, purposefully enhancing synergies between DRR and CCA. Identifying mutually beneficial opportunities across policies and programs is crucial, ensuring coherence both at the global and national levels. Notably, the Paris Agreement recognizes comprehensive risk assessment and management as pivotal. The Sendai Framework, under Target E, aims to increase the number of countries with national and local disaster risk reduction strategies, emphasizing policy coherence with climate change as a fundamental principle. At the national level, encouragement of synergies between national adaptation plans (NAPs) and DRR plans, coupled with the promotion of integrated plans, has been pivotal. Several countries have successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach.

This event aims to highlight the intrinsic synergies, coherence, and integrated nature of the climate change and disaster risk reduction agenda, contributing to a more unified and effective approach to addressing global challenges.

Target audience

The event will primarily target the decision-makers in governments, with active participation and insights from experts and practitioners from disaster risk reduction and climate action domains.

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