Desinventar training for Kenya

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Africa

Regional Centre for Resource Mapping and Development at Kasarani off Thika Highway.

This specialized training aims to anchor the country’s disaster management information within the Desinvetar data base. This information can then be available to government and all interested stakeholders for planning purposes to prevent or reduce disaster risks, for disaster monitoring, early warning, preparedness and response planning. The proposed training is a follow-up of a similar introductory one that drew representation from Kenya and other countries from the region held late May/ early June this year at the RCRMD at Kasarani.

DesInventar is a conceptual and methodological tool for the construction of databases of loss, damage, or effects caused by emergencies or disasters. It aims to to create the capacity to analyze and represent hazards, vulnerabilities, and risk in terms of space and time, both retrospectively and prospectively; and the purpose of this capacity is its application in risk management, whose activities go from mitigation to post-disaster attention and recovery.

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