Conflict, violence and disaster in the post-2015 development agenda - Monrovia consultation

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Africa
United Nations Development Programme - Liberia
United Nations Children's Fund - West and Central Africa Regional Office
United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office

Despite many of the successes of the MDGs, none have been met, particularly in conflict-affected and fragile countries, nor have they managed to fully address the values and principles outlined in the Millennium Declaration, particularly in relation to human rights, justice and equality. It is now increasingly recognized that fragility, armed conflict and disasters are often rooted in development deficits and, in turn, impede development goals. Real and lasting peace can only be based on inclusive long-term sustainable development that recognizes the interlinked and complex relationship among human development issues and peace and security, inclusive and equitable social and economic development, environmental sustainability and disaster risk reduction that emphasizes resilience.

Going forward, this is the time to act and search for new development pathways that recognize and strongly integrate in their design the exigencies of conflict, violence, and disaster to advance the development aspirations of all peoples, both as an opportunity and a responsibility. The Consultations provide the platform to articulate views on how best to bring peace and security to the center stage for the future. Thus, the question to be answered is how can we make conflict, violence and disaster integral to the post-2015 development goals?

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