Catalyzing Private Sector Engagement in the Decade of Action

AFSD special session
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
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The UNDRR ROAS facilitates the participation of the ARISE UAE in the special session "Catalyzing Private Sector Engagement in the Decade of Action". 

Background and objective

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the journey to achieving the 2030 Agenda revealing fragile interconnected systems and deep-seated inequalities within all corners of the globe. What has been illuminated however is the power of the private sector to mobilize its resources for the betterment of its stakeholders and communities in which it is embedded emerging as a critical partner to sustainable development. 

As we look to recover and rebuild, in this session we will explore a suite of powerful and practical examples within the Arab world from youth skilling to ensure employability to the empowerment of women in the workplace, and to supporting business resilience among SMEs. This session, comprising of two panels, will present perspectives and remedies on how we can recover better, and most importantly, together, through enhanced accountability, trust, and cooperation to set a new course for the Arab world where the SDGs are at the core of business strategy and practices.

The second panel in this session is related to SMEs Resilience to answer the following questions:

1- What are the foundations for developing a business resilience framework? 

2- How can we leverage public-private partnerships to support business continuity and resilience?

3-What impact do these alliances have on public policy?

4- Can digitalization in your opinion help SMEs emerge leaner and more resilient from the pandemic?

5-  What are the key challenges in unlocking further SME digital transformation?

6- How can we better leverage partnerships in support of digitalization

Facilitator: Dr. Sami Mahroum, Professor, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and Senior Fellow, Issam Fares Institute, AUB


  • Dr. Ahmed Riad, ARISE, UAE Co-Chair and Founder, Estmrarya Consulting
  • Maissa Abou Adal, Board Member, HOLDAL SAL

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