Resiliencetech winners
The competition aimed to demonstrate that data is not just for experts and scientists but should be available for local communities on the front line of disasters to understand and act accordingly.
MCR2030 webinar with city leaders from Asia-Pacific, Americas and Caribbean on 8 November 2022
MCR2030 Resilience Hubs, namely Incheon, Makati and Mexico City, held the webinar, “Learning from Our MCR Hubs” to share experiences, best practices and recommendations on strengthening disaster resilience in their respective cities on 8 November 2022.
Myriam Urzúa Venegas
During GP2022, Myriam Urzúa Venegas, Secretary of Integral Risk Management and Civil Protection of Mexico City (SGIRPC), was recognized for her professional career with the first place of the Sasakawa 2022 Award.
Cover and title of publication
This article summarizes the seismic risk analysis of Mexico City, based on a detailed database constructed with information provided by the city but also with tools such as geomatics and machine learning.
Local leaders forum at the GP2022 on 23 May 2022 in Bali, Indonesia.
Local governments play an essential role in disaster risk reduction and building resilience. At UNDRR’s 2022 Global Platform, the Local Leaders Forum opened a productive discussion on important issues around disaster resilience at city and district level.
Mami Mitzutori, UNDRR Special Representative of the Secretary General, visits Chiapas to see how an earthquake-struck village rebuilds and communities boost resilience.

The development of multi-hazard risk assessment frameworks has gained momentum in the recent past, aiming to provide a complete risk panorama at locations and portfolios exposed to the occurrence of different perils. Nevertheless, for a proper

The present study proposes the analysis of DRM strategies that had been implemented into sub-national development plans and public policy instruments in the States of Chiapas and Tabasco, located in Southeast Mexico. It describes the methodological

Group photo of participants at the 2nd World Tsunami Museum Conference
Japan hosted the 2nd World Tsunami Museum Conference which attracted 156 participants from 17 countries to help raise awareness of tsunami risk.
UNISDR head, Mami Mizutori, addressing the High School Students Summit for World Tsunami Awareness Day
For the third year, Japan hosted a High School Students Summit to mark World Tsunami Awareness Day. UNISDR head, Mami Mizutori, urged them to become youth ambassdors for disaster risk reduction.