UNDRR’s New York liaison office (NYLO) provides policy advice and support to Member and Observer States and other stakeholders, engages closely with the office of the Secretary-General and coordinates the UN system to advance disaster risk reduction and Sendai Framework  implementation.

NYLO promotes policy coherence across disaster risk reduction, climate action and sustainable development through intergovernmental deliberations and policy decisions taken at the General Assembly and ECOSOC. NYLO ensures DRR integration in the major inter-governmental agreements, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the SDGs and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, to ensure their implementation benefits from and contributes to reducing disaster risk.


Mami Mizutori, UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reductiion
Statement delivered by the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction, Mami Mizutori, to a webinar on the Human Rights Dimensions of the COVID-19 Pandemic, hosted by UNDRR's Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
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GENEVA - Widespread abuse of migrant workers and multiple examples of human rights violations were vividly highlighted by experts in the Asia and the Pacific Region speaking in a UNDRR-hosted webinar on “Human Rights Dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic”
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BANGKOK - The COVID-19 pandemic poses unique challenges in response and recovery. Governments are trying to manage the shock in the face of existing societal threats like poverty and inequality. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 recovery process has the
Over 30 European and Central Asia member states joined a successful virtual dialogue Wednesday 6 May on “Sharing Experiences and Strategies for COVID-19 Response, Transition, and Resilience," The dialogue, co-organized by the UN Office for Disaster Risk
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GENEVA - The buzz-word of the post-COVID-19 recovery is likely to be “resilience.” That’s the forecast of former UN Deputy Secretary-General, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown in discussion with the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Disaster Risk
The United Nations Regional Office for Arab States for Disaster Risk Reduction organized a webinar on 7 May 2020 to discuss possible ways for businesses to recover from COVID 19 consequences in the Arab countries. The webinar shed the light on the
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BANGKOK – “Trusted, timely, accurate, simple and widely shared risk information saves lives, particularly when it reaches the last mile and is used by vulnerable communities”. This how the Chief of UNDRR’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Loretta
Companies are living through a period of transition. Credit: EFE
The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a harsh blow to businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean but the private sector has a vital role to play in helping people recover from the crisis and adapt to the new normality, said industry experts. Implementing
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Webinars 12 August 2020. Webinar: Youth engagement in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change 12 August 2020. Webinar: Strengthening Early Action Early Warning Systems 4 August 2020. Webinar: Business Disaster Management Plan Self-Assessment Tool​​​​​​
Situation development In Croatia, this story began on 22 February 2020, with the first death attributed to COVID-19 in Italy. The same day, the Civil Protection Coordination Centre was established by the Croatian Government. It assembled, among others

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